"So Others May Live Better"

Some have become healthier...
Some have become younger & better looking...
Some have healed...

One thing for sure, their lives have definitely changed for the better.

Everyday, someone is benefitting from the Indinine impact.

Their stories...

Corrine lost 17kg in 2 months!
Corrine, 26 yrs old, Accountant

Germaine is free from painful cramps & sinus of more than 10 years
Germaine, 27 yrs old, Engineer

Pump up the 8 packs!
Minglong, 23, Student / Fitness Instructor

Ying Ying got rid of eczema for good
Ying Ying, 27 yrs old, Teacher

Full of Vitality! People thought Jessie was 10 years younger
Jessie, late 50s, Account Assistant

No more peeling fingertips, cracked & bleeding palms, steroid creams
Jau Chern, mid-20s, Arts Manager

She was a kidney patient and doctors had said she only had 2 weeks left. But Indinine changed her life.

It's been 2 years since then... And she's been walking, driving, travelling & doing anything she wanted!

Language: Chinese
Duration: 09:33min
Date of video: Aug 2006

Stay tuned, we're in the midst of translating it!

Bruce's 86-year old grandmother had difficulty walking and had to be carried around after a fall and injury to her leg. But just 2 months of Indinine saw her regain her ability to walk without any assistance!

Language: Chinese (with English subtitles)
Duration : 02:25min
Date of video: Aug 2006

More stories from Uncle John...
The result of cell rejvenation for...
... Eczema... Nose cancer... Sinus... Migraine... Weight loss... Fits... Asthma... Cholestrol... Knee/Leg pain....

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